#1 Global Manufacturer of High Performance Car Care Products

Pearl Global Limited is recognized as Europe’s leading manufacturer of the very best Eco-Friendly “Green” waterless car wash products and premium detailing products. Our Waterless Car Wash range of innovative cleaning, detailing and protection products are designed for both the professional and consumer markets. We specialise in providing eco-minded entrepreneurs & car care importers with concentrated products in bulk containers and shipping them anywhere in the world. Upon arrival, these products can be diluted, bottled and distributed at their business locations. We provide the option for customers to use use the Pearl brand or use their own private label or brand. This Pearl Car Care business model has been very successful throughout the world, and we have sold and shipped waterless car wash products to over 100 countries.

Pearl® unequivocally embraces that ‘it should not and must not cost the earth to wash a vehicle’ and hopefully with this additional information provides a clear indication of the product support and service levels we provide to help assist in the easing of precious water consumption, pollution and energy reserves together with an unrivalled product range delivering unique waterless solutions for the automotive, marine and aviation industries. Pearl® waterless products save time and effort in producing an unrivalled showroom finish in hot and cold climates whilst saving 1000’s of litres of precious water and energy reserves every day.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) research reveals it takes on average 116 gallons of water to wash a single car, whereas one 1 Litre of Pearl® Waterless Professional or Advanced Ultra Nano will wash, clean, polish and wax protect on average 10 vehicles, saving 1’160 gallons of water and run off pollution from just one bottle and a simple fast action application.

For commercial and certain organisational needs there will always be the requirement for quality conventional valeting and cleaning products however through education, understanding and Pearl® waterless high performance capabilities, there is certainly no need for the unnecessary wanton waste of water, common place in today’s global community.

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