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June 14, 2017

Pearl® Manufacturing Processes & Product Quality Standards

Pearl® Global Ltd’s first class manufacturing plant is located in Manchester, United Kingdom where all our production processes are accredited to chemical industry leading BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 & BS EN 14001: 2004 quality standards, in full compliance with the very latest European CLP, Global SDS and REACH regulations, endorsing the proactive lengths our organisation undertakes in producing and supplying the very best products to safeguard all our customers businesses throughout the world.

Our Quality Standards, Environmental Legislation Compliance & associated Operating Procedures implemented, ensures that Pearl®’s manufacturing excellence fully meets all the requirements of these industry standards, which encompasses the development, manufacture, processing and distribution of chemicals and speciality chemicals for the Automotive, Marine and Transport Cleaning Industries.

BS EN ISO 9001: 2008

Processes within our company have been accredited to this industry standard and Pearl® is fully committed to ensuring the continuous research and development in the quality standards of all our processes, products and people within our organization.

All Pearl® waterless formulations have been created in our United Kingdom manufacturing laboratories by our in house Research and Process Chemist Specialists, who are dedicated to their profession, vastly experienced and fully versed in environmental compliance law. All products have been stringently tested and exclusively manufactured in our production plant, by teams of highly skilled and trained operatives, who fully understand the paramount importance of the continuous quality manufacture of these unique formulations and products to support our extensive and extremely valued clients needs and expectations throughout the world.

BS EN ISO 14001: 2004

Pearl Global Limited gives the highest priority to preserving and respecting the environment within which we operate and successfully service all our clients throughout the world, utilising the safest and latest raw materials and waterless chemical technology. Pearl® encourages full and unreserved compliance with all the appropriate legislation both internally and within our UK, European and global supply chain and customer base.

All Pearl® products meet and exceed the highest industry standards in delivering consistent quality levels across our innovative and diverse waterless wash & detailing range. Creating the ultimate showroom finish designed for maximising speed, ease of use and environmental protection; our no rinse and non-hazardous formulations prevent pollution from entering global waterways, whilst saving vast amounts of water, energy consumption and helping to reduce carbon footprints.

Pearl® totally understands and unequivocally embraces that people are the critical resource of all organisations. Our company’s employees fully participate in our culture of continuous research and development, ensuring that Pearl® remains at the very forefront of innovation in waterless dry wash technology within the world market place.

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