Pearl Waterless Car Wash

Our world-class facilities in the United Kingdom enable us to control what goes into each of our formulation’s and it is our assurance that all our customers are getting the very highest quality in environmentally friendly auto care performance products to exceed their every expectation. Pearl® Advanced Ultra Nano, Professional, Universal Cleaner and Eco Tyre Shine are water based and very easy to work with. Our formulations are extremely tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces. They are also safe for the environment while creating a ‘Maximum shine in minimum time’ for the premium showroom finish.

Delivering total performance versatility, all Pearl® waterless auto cleaning & luxury detailing products are reliably unique and can be used with amazing effect on wet or dry surfaces. They can be used in or out of direct sunlight, in hot or cold climates. They provide the user with the complete freedom to wash, wax, polish and protect a vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere without the need for any water or electricity source.

Fast and easy to use. Just simply spray on, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique scratch-free Pearl® waterless cleaning chemistry dissolves, releases and suspends dirt from paintwork, glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, rubber, leather, alloy and chrome surfaces. A soft microfiber cloth pulls the dirt  into the fibers trapping them in the cloth and a second soft, microfiber cloth buffs into an unrivalled and beautiful finish.

The Pearl® professional waterless dry car wash system contains only the finest natural raw materials including special lubricants, wetting agents, coconut-derived soap, UV screeners, non-abrasive pumice, latest Nano technology and Carnauba waxes. These waxes are the world’s hardest natural wax to re-formulated to revitalize the entire vehicle surface. Unlike many conventional and alternative cleaning products, Pearl® waterless car wash products contain absolutely no solvents, no petroleum hydrocarbons, no heavy metal compounds, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-aerosol and are completely non-flammable.

Pearl Waterless Car Wash

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