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June 14, 2017

Fight The Drought – Waterless Car Wash

As you may know, the drought in some areas is at a critical stage. If soon taken and rain doesn’t start falling, the future of millions of South African citizen’s
water supply will be in question.

Water has become a scarce commodity and a very precious resource. Nobody can afford to waste water while cleaning their in car. There are alternatives to using soap and
water to clean your vehicle.

Try washing your car using less water than used in traditional car washing. You may also switch to using a waterless car wash product, like Pearl Professional Waterless
Car Wash. With this product, you can clean, polish and protect your vehicle within a few minutes.

It only takes about a coffee cup amount of water to do the job. Just spray on, rub in and wipe off. The dirt is liquified and microfiber towels pull it away from the
surface. The 2nd microfiber towel buffs the waxy residue into a brilliant shine. Quick, Easy and uses a cup of water verses 550 + Litres.

Here’s how to wash your car with a waterless car wash. You will need to prepare the following materials: 2 Microfiber towels. One Damp, One Dry One Bottle: Pearl Waterless Car Wash Car.

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