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June 14, 2017

Water vs Waterless Auto Care Systems

In today’s society there is a deeper focus on “Green solutions” and “How can we help the environment?”

Waterless Wash Systems have become increasingly popular within the Automotive and Marine care industries as government legislation combined with catastrophic climate change (global warming) is driving a major shift in cleaning operations looking for smarter, greener and technologically advanced solutions. Throughout our years of dealing with clients, including market leading commercial organizations, independent valeting companies, prestigious dealerships and professional valeting operations plus aftermarket sales across the Globe, we are more dedicated than ever to sharing our advice and experiences by comparing Traditional (Water) and Advanced (Waterless) auto care methodology.

Here we compare briefly the two processes together with business opportunities using these outlined methods:

Stage Process – Traditional Water Car Wash

  • Cleaning wheels and Tyres apply petroleum based tyre dressing
  • Pre-rinse full vehicle exterior
  • Wash full exterior (2 bucket method for this example)
  • Full exterior rinse
  • Leather and then dry full exterior with drying towel
  • Air blow dry difficult areas to reduce drip spots
  • Clean all automotive glass surfaces
  • Apply wax panel by panel
  • Buff wax panel by panel

Stage Process – Waterless Car Wash

  • Mist spray wheels and tough dirt spots with Pearl Universal
  • Panel by panel spray Advanced Ultra Nano or Professional, wipe and buff
  • Clean Tyre walls and apply Pearl Eco Tyre Shine
  • Wipe pre-treated wheels for an effortless dirt removal

Commercial Opportunities – Traditional Water Car Wash

  • Leaves pools of suds, chemicals and dirty water – (not great for customers / Clients)
  • Jet wash may overspray nearby vehicles / areas
  • Resource consuming (Water, electricity, kerosene)
  • May create leaks / water ingress damage over prolonged time
  • Potential waterway pollution through contaminated rinse off
  • Not compatible for indoor operations

Commercial Opportunities – Waterless Car Wash

  • No mess or indication that a valeting operation was present other than showroom finish
  • No affect to nearby vehicles, people or areas
  • No requirement to consume local resources
  • No water, air or noise pollution caused by waterless services
  • Indoor friendly

Having reviewed the options above, what would you prefer?








Whether you own a start-up business or an established Valeting business, Car Dealership, Automotive showroom or you are a Classic Car collector or just passionate about maintaining your car, there is little doubt that there is a better way to do things. The Waterless method saves Time, Effort and Money. You can undoubtedly save all of this by injecting Pearl Waterless Wash systems into your maintenance procedures, whilst caring for the environment at the same time.

Next time you want to clean your car, please try Pearl Waterless Car Wash and find out just how easy it is to use and the fantastic results it creates.

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